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Rubber marks on my pipes.....

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Hi, everybody i am new on this board. I live in SF and I have just bought my first HD. I have a quick question for you guys out there.
My wife put her rubber shoe sole on my pipe.....it left a black mark on it. My dealer (Dudley Perkins in SF that by the way has a great team) told me to use oven cleaner to take it of. Any suggestions? Is oven cleaner the best way to get rid of rubber marks on your pipes?


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Rubber Marks


It would probably work, but you take the chance of getting it on paint etc. if it is in an aerosol type container.
I have always used Mother's Gold Chrome Polish/ Mag Wheel Polish for the problem that ypu described. It works very well and you got your shine back.
Also, explain in a gentle way to the Mrs. that the pipes are not to be used for foot rests.

Ride Safe.

RoadKing, thanks for your advice (both for the bike and for the Mrs.......)
You can also use acetone on a rag, while the pipes are somewhat hot. I'm a new rider ('02 Fatboy), and I seem to get rubber from my boot soles on the pipe almost every time I ride. Maybe the result of shifting my foot around on the floorboard.
Not trying to be mean, but you need to send the little woman out to the garage to clean yer pipe.

If they screw something up on the scooter ya have to make them fix it.

If you screw something up in the kitchen, ya have to LET them fix it.

See? Bla hahahahahhahaha
Rubber on Pipes

I've experienced this several times and could not completely get the rubber off. One day, a guy on a RK Classic pulls up next to me at a red light, so I ask him if he knows any tricks. He says use a razor blade just like you would on glass. Short and straight strokes. Chrome is a smooth surface and the blade slides well on it.

I was skeptical and didn’t want to further damage the appearance; however the burned black soles of women's shoes had to come off one way or another. It worked like a charm and I have used this technique several times.

Re: Rubber marks...

I'd go the acetone or lacquer thinner dampened rag route, followed by a dab of Simichrome polish and a clean soft cloth. you run the risk of scratching the chrome by using a razor blade. As for oven cleaner, I concur with RK on the hazards of getting it on the paint or powdercoat. If you must use it, apply it to a rag first then rub it on the offending area.

Bug and Tar remover works fine. WD40 works but takes a little more elbow grease. Mothers chrome polish is also good. It's chrome..... just rub it hard.
oven cleaner?!

Welcome gdemarco!
Hey, we must be neighbors. You’re right about Dudley Perkins H-D, nice folks over there and the girls on the show room are sweet. I almost bought my V-rod from them. I always spend more than I bargained for when I venture in to DP's. It's all marketing;)

In regards to your question: I use oven cleaner for what it was intended for - my oven. A safety razor could very easily scratch the plating. Semi-Chrome, Mothers, rubbing/polishing compound should get the job done. I'd stay away from heavy corrosives on my bike.

See you in the hills,
Thanks everybody for your help and advice. I will not use oven cleaner for my pipes....It did sound a little strange to me.

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