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I most not be a ,,,, I ride a motorcycle ,i am a motorcycle enthusiast. I own a older hd ride. But i have also had other brand in my basement . I have motorcycle event shirts ,some atleast and a couple free hd items ,raffle or when i had bought new bikes or a couple hats pick'd up off the road.My oldest dather weres most of the shirts. I try to buy smart, good quality. All my gear could be warn on any bike with out piss'n some asshole off. I don't buy a hd product unless it cost less and that ain't gona happy.. I have owned a two wings and a fjr,thats a yamaha,and the same gear were on those bikes. I have also road 26 years this way. If i go to an event i might by a shirt or two but maybe not ,i go for me not to advertize. If that makes me someone you don't like ? Hell i can live with that. I don't have to wear brand loyal to prove i ride a hd or honda or yamaha. I just simply won't pay the prices harley and some others want for name brand stuff,period.
1 - 1 of 181 Posts
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