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Roll call for European users!

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Often wondered how many European users are here.

"Phantom" recently asked for a European users forum, and "DPrice" suggested this International Events Forum be used - thanks guys.

I guess this post aims to kick-start our space!

I've been riding a few years, live in Edinburgh Scotland, and am waiting delivery of Silver & Black Heritage Springer (March 2003). I've been learning lots from this site, and am a sleepless man waiting for my FLSTS - I'm soooooo looking forward to cruising the Scottish highlands this summer.

Who else is out there, where da ya come frum, and whadaya ride??:D

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Ciao from Bella Sicilia! If you ever ride down here just give us a shout.
We just completed a run up your way. Went to Barcelona, then through Andorra, Carcassone France, Paris, Normady, Le Mont St Michel, Pamplona, and back to here...France is beautiful....except for all the tolls..
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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