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Anyone here know about the Rocky Point Rally? Ever attended or are planning to attend? Here's a link http://www.rockypointrally.com/
I'd like to know more about this run as the OL and I are considering it since we didn't get to take a trip this summer. It's a pretty long haul for us but looks like a pretty fun rally in Old Mexico on the Sea of Cortez.
Would like to hear from others with knowledge of this rally. Thanks!

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Your riding will be done to and from. Once you get there , there is very little riding, but a continuous party with very few rules. Most main streets are paved and the rest are hard packed saand. If you read the message board on the Rocky Point web site you will get a good idea of what to expect.

My only warning is to not try to come back to Az on Sunday. The border crossing can take hours...as 5 - 6 hours.

Warm weather, good food, booze, burnouts, and boobs. How caan you go wrong?

See ya there

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