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Road Star & V-Star

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Does anyone have experience with the
Road Star 1600 and the V-Star 1100?
Am considering both for a second bike.
Pro's and Con's would be appreciated.
Thanks :cool:
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experience with the vstar1100

I would go with the 1100 vstar. The road star felt underpowered ( a friend had a 2002 road star). I have had my 110 since it was new and the only must do mods were a mustang seat and an oil filter relocation kit (stock you need to remove the front pipes) Other then that not a problem with the bike I am looking to add a tour pack so the girlfriend has something to lean on she hates the stock sissy bar.
The road star felt heavy around town but ok on hte hiway. The vstar is nimble probably handles better then my flh.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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