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Road Star & V-Star

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Does anyone have experience with the
Road Star 1600 and the V-Star 1100?
Am considering both for a second bike.
Pro's and Con's would be appreciated.
Thanks :cool:
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I have an '03 VStar 1100 Classic. Great bike for the buck. The stock seat totally sucks so I had to put a two-piece Mustang on it. I've also got the Yamaha engine guards, Yamaha low windshield, Yamaha passing lamps, Yamaha sissy bar (Mustang pad), and Yamaha luggage rack. Absolutely no problems with the bike so far. Runs great and is strong. A previous poster mentioned the lack of 6th gear and that is true. They should have added a 6th gear for the feeling if nothing else. Another drawback is the oil change procedure. An oil filter relocate kit is a must if you're going to be doing your own maintenance. I would recommend this bike to anyone looking for a cruiser though. Can't beat it for the money.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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