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Road Star & V-Star

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Does anyone have experience with the
Road Star 1600 and the V-Star 1100?
Am considering both for a second bike.
Pro's and Con's would be appreciated.
Thanks :cool:
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I currently own both an '03 Road King and an '02 VStar 1100 Classic. The VStar is a great bike. It's lighter than the Road King by over 100 lbs. (which is very noticeable) so it's a great around town bike.

Where the VStar is somewhat lacking is it's touring comfort/ability. Due to the high 5th gear it runs at about 3400-3500 rpm's at freeway speed (65-70) so you will sometimes find yourself trying to shift into "6th" gear. The engine was designed to be a higher rev'er than other cruisers so it's not big deal to run this bike at 4000 rpms all day. However, because of the higher rpms, the vibration is greater and can be somewhat numbing for some people. I have changed the handlebar mounts so I notice the vibration more in my rearend than anywhere else but it doesn't bother me. It's not an uncomfortable or bothersome vibration but it's enough to make you realize the VStar's strength is not in the high speed touring department. Otherwise, it's a great bike: good looking, runs great, best bike in it's price range (IMHO). A couple of things I don't like about it are its dual carbs and the need to adjust the valves. I may be nit picking here but less maintenance is more desireable to me.

When I purchased the VStar it was a decision between the Roadstar and the VStar. The Roadstar is a great touring bike but it's like driving a truck around town. It's over 700 lbs. but doesn't have the nimbleness of my Road King or VStar. It really comes down to the type of riding you want it for. It you want something for tooling around town then it's a no brainer; the VStar wins hands down. if you want a touring bike then it would have to be the Roadstar. When I purchased my Road King I was planning on keeping both bikes but the Road King not only does great on the open road (the VStar cannot even compare to it) it is also at least as good around town. As a result, it's looking very likely that I'll be selling the VStar.

If you have anymore specific questions about the VStar don't hesitate to ask me directly. I really enjoy it and I'm very familiar with it in and out mechanically (I do all the maintenance myself). Also, I have added $4K worth of accessories and I get a lot of compliments, even from Harley diehards.


Jeffrey Crumpacker
Portland OR
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