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I know what you mean since I was in the same boat as you are about a year ago. I had almost decided on a new V-Star 1100 due to its lower price when all of a sudden I found a 10 year old FXR for almost the same price. My choice was pretty clear; Do I want to ride the original or the copy? I guess you can tell what my answer was :)

dan_h said:
Regarding the opinions expressed here on the Vstar 1100, in the dallas area you can get one for $7,500 (V-star custom). In contrast, the dallas area dealers want about $14,950 for the Dyna Super Glide Harley. I drove the Yamaha today and it moves like a dream...really smooth. I'll be driving a Harley later next week, but man, it's hard to justify the price difference, especially when the Harley dealer wants $2500 over retail, while the Yamaha dealer is willing to cut his retail by $400-500 (plus 15% off all accessories)! So I need advice....If I'm only going to have one bike, would you guys recommend the Harley FXD or the Yamaha V-star Custom? ([primary usage will be 1-2 hour trips, sometimes with a passenger on the back).

thanks in advance for the advice!

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