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RoadStar Dream

I am A Road Star lover I purchased My Midnight Star in April of 2003 and I have road it like I stole it...lol... I did have a lil bit of trouble out of it but wouldnt take anything for it I still love it at 5000 mile I wiped out a cam & lifter but noone knows why. At about 10000 miles I had a recall on it with the tranny but it was one of those things the dealer knocked it out in 3 days because I order some 10 1/2:1 pistons for it & believe it or not it increased My gas milage about 8 MPG but on the other had it will suck it down if really get on it. Amazingly I didnt have to rejet with all My modification of that & pipes & rev limiter I am currently pushing around 85 hp looking to take it up to 120 hp in the next cpl years.
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