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Road Star & V-Star

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Does anyone have experience with the
Road Star 1600 and the V-Star 1100?
Am considering both for a second bike.
Pro's and Con's would be appreciated.
Thanks :cool:
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I have both a RoadStar and a Road Glide. The RoadStar is a good solid bike. I've been riding it for about five years and no problems. In comparison the Road Glide (although heavier) feels a lot more nimble around town and when it comes to touring the Road Glide has it all over the RoadStar. Much more comfortable on the highway and the seat is a whole lot better. I intend to keep both. My Road Glide has been modified a little (95" motor, cam, etc) and although still smaller in cu inches it runs a little stronger. Two things you can't get out of the Yamaha when compared to the Harley is resale value and the sound of the Harley.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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