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My 1998 FLHP the “Mr Potato Head of Motorcycle’s”

124” Motor 130HP 152TQ
Hillside heads
Bored Super G carb with T-Jet
RB Racing pipe
Woods W9F cam
Wilwood brakes
31T trans sprocket

Detachable Batwing
Detachable backrest
Detachable Tourpak
4 seats: 2 solo, stock, and Saddlemen touring

Bike’s been ridden hard everywhere.

Naked Bike

With fairing & solo seat

With backrest & stock seat

With backrest & stock seat

Tour Mode


Make me use my bullet?
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Robo like when y'all are called G, Sett, Therm, most everyone calls me Cap except Therm who calls me Hook. Ever noticed that?

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Sure, so I would understand if you called him "Rob".
2461 - 2467 of 2467 Posts