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It seems as a lot of you folks out there are thinking as I have been about retrofitting a Road King Custom Dash to an earlier Road King with the standard dash. The key to doing this is buying the whole "kit"...not just the dash itself. The HD part # is 71306-04. I installed this kit in an hour. On my particular bike, The included speedo retaining ring didn't work with my 2000 RK standard speedo. I ended up grinding off 2 tabs (that keep speedo from turning) and installing into the new dash. The combined pressure of the speedo gasket and the retaining ring keeps the speedo solid even w/o the retaining tabs. I don't see a problem with that. Every thing else is strictly bolt on. The part that everyone is fretting about is the mounting bolt position, which is moved south to accommodate the new dash bolt hole. See attachment(s). Kit is complete w/ all screws and pieces. You just re-use your existing speedo, ignition switch, trip meter switch and chrome dash retaining nut. Pretty simple. Now get back to e-bay and snap one up....
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