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Road King Classic spotlights

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The spotlights on my new FLHRCI are very handy if you want to spot aircraft, but are getting me flashed by nearly every oncoming driver! I can see that they are on a ball mounting, but it appears that you have to remove the indicators and disconnect all the wiring to release the lock nut for the spotlight mounts. Is this the case, or am I missing something obvious and easy to do? It would be nice if they actually illuminated the road as opposed to the tops of the trees! Any help would be much appreciated.
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Not sure this will work but I suppose it is worth a try. What about removing the bottom bolt / nut that crimps the rings in place and try inverting the entire bulb? ( I say bulb because I take it that you have the stock sealed beam passing lights. )

Are your turn signals sitting at 90 degrees to the ground?

The passing lights should spread to the right and left of the main beam nicely lighting up the road in a broader pattern and not searching for Raccoons.
Arrrg - CRS hit and I lost the part number but Snap-on makes a socket especially for this - I believe the part number is called out in the shop manual - and of course my shop manual is 'borrowed' right now..

Or you can take a grinder to a deep well socket and cut out the side of the socket - make a slot for the wiring - basically that is all the snap-on version does - of course their version is much nicer looking!. If the newer shop manuals don't call out the part number, call your service dept they should have the number.
Remove turn signal lamp from mounting bracket.
Loosen nut under passing lamp through bracket.
Swivel passing lamp.
You need, snap-on FABL5 & FRX181
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