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Road King Classic Saddlebag Locks not working!

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I spoke to the MOCO and they advised me that they are aware of the locks not functioning properly and working on a solution. I would advise anyone thinking of buying the locks not to do so until the problem is fixed. I spent $200 for nothing at this point. They say once they figure it out they will supply me with the needed parts free of charge! I posted a thread a couple of weeks ago asking anybody if they had the same problem but have not received any responses.
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Big E said:
I posted a thread a couple of weeks ago asking anybody if they had the same problem but have not received any responses.
Big E,

I don't suppose you would get many responses because it is a fairly new and expensive product with limited appeal to many. However it is of interest to some, myself included, so I appreciate you plowing unchartered territory and keeping us up to-date on the mechanism problems. Please keep us posted.

Dennis E.
Aren't those the same locks they use on the RK Custom? If so, I have them installed and they work flawlessly.

Would you mind explaining in this thread what the problem is.

8-Ball, I believe they are the same but not completely sure. The problem is on the Classic bags all you need to do is slide your hand up along the side of the saddle bag and the lid then lift up and the bag will open. I hope that answers it for you.
I'd also like to know more details regarding :huh: the problem with the locks you're dealing with. Are these the same as the older "lock your leathers" type locks?
powrus , I'm not sure what those locks are that you are talking about. The locks that I purchased were out of the catalog part #46316-04. Hope that helps.
I have those on my RK Classic, installed them myself. They work just fine and are easily my favorite mod yet. I just tried opening them like you said, and mine won't do that.

The bags are still leather though, so I wouldn't lock the crown jewels in there. However, trying to pry the bags open would probably set off my security alarm, so I feel they're pretty safe.

I'd guess that if your bag locks aren't working right, then they weren't installed correctly. Despite the literary genius of HD's installation instruction writers, the instructions for this and just about every other part I've installed on my bike are pretty much worthless except for the pictures.

For the RK Classic, the locks are actually a kit made up of the RK Custom bag locks (which is just the lock buttons and cables), and a set of bag latches and catches for the RK Classic.

When installing these locks on the RK Classic, you have to drill holes in the bag to mount a latch rail. This rail is what the catch (mounted to the lid) hooks into when the bag is closed. If you blindly bolt that rail to the bag, it would be easy to get it positioned incorrectly so that the catch doesn't properly engage.

To get the latch rail positioned correctly, I bolted the lid catch in place, then used duct tape to test position the latch rail before making it permanent.
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Big E - "Lock Your Leathers" is a locking mechanism I installed on my '04 FLHRCI. The lock I chose mirrored my ignition lock, so the same key could be used for both bike and saddlebag. I chose NOT to install these "Lock Your Leathers" on my new bike simply due to the fact I never carry that much vital stuff in my bags, coupled with the fact I didn't like the extra hardware associated with the lock. If you check out this link, scroll down to the bottom pic for a look at the finished product.

I agree, don't buy this lock set

I just finished installing this kit (46316-04) on my 2006 Road King Classic. I have had them on order since the end of October and they just came in. I honestly don't understand how HD could sell these?!?! :thumbsdn:

Becuase of their design, they are quite easy to defeat. The flexible nature of the RK classic bag will cause the latch to not properly engage if you were to stuff the bag. While this isn't common, it's going to happen when you stuff your leather coat in the bag.

While I wasn't able to defeat the latch by sliding my hand up along the side, but I could by pushing firmly on the center of the lid just above where the hook assembly fits. I'm glad I only installed it on one bag

I installed the companion product (54360-05) on my leather tour pak and it works pretty well, and doesn't suffer the same problems, probably because the tour pak isn't as flexible.
Contact MOCO

How do you contact the "MOCO" for the fix on these locks?

Well, after a nights sleep and a fresh perspective, I ended up modifying things by purchasing a slightly longer and stronger spring for the latch and by inserting a tywrap between the lock plate and c-clip to tighten the cable beyond what the adjuster screw would allow.

I think capn buzzcut hit upon the solution though inadvertently. By lowering the latch bar below the recomended mounting location of the top of the bag, the hook plate was moved inwared, allowing for a deeper latch. The side benefit of doing this is it elimantes the up and down "play" in the lid when you are all done. Nice job Capn!!!

So for now, I'll probably mount the lock on the other bag, using Capn's method and installing the longer stronger spring. HD doesn't make things easy and I will surely be contacting MOCO as soon as someone posts their number. :beatdh:
Yeah, you can't really see it good in the pictures I posted, but test fitting the lower latch rail showed me that it did need to mount lower than prescribed. As I have them installed, there's very little play once the lid is closed. I'd say the highest part of the latch rail is just below the edge of the bag, with the main section about 1/2 inch below the edge.

I've stuffed a single bag with not only a heavy insulated leather jacket, but also a pair of lined chaps too - so full that the lid would barely close. It latched just fine.

Note that there are 2 interlocking guards, one for the top latch and one for the lower latch rail, that when closed work to not only keep stuff away from the latch area, but to ensure that the latch can't disengage. If either of these guards are left off, it would probably be easy to pop the lid open the way folks have described.
capn_buzzcut said:
Yeah, you can't really see it good in the pictures
How did you mount the latch to the lid? Did you have to drill through the lid? got any pictures of the outside of the lid?

I just sold my RK Classic bags on ebay for $500. I bought a set of RK Custom bags that were like brand new ($330) but the right bag latch was broken. The plastic piece that has the hole in it for the cable to run through broke at then end so the cable wasn't secured. Took me 30 minutes to fix it with a small piece of aluminum and a couple of 6-32 machine screws/nuts. Just screwed the aluminum to that plastic latch which was plenty beefy. Works as good as new.

I wish I knew about that latch kit when I had my Classic bags though. I would have bought them just to get the latch release to keep from using the straps. Don't know how many times I had to tell the wife to watch her fingernails and to stop throwing the lids closed because the quick release buckles slam against the bags and scuff them. :spank:

I've never worried about locking my bags. If someone wants to get into them, they can rip the lid open. I guess it would prevent someone from stealing the bags themselves but that would be a 1 in a million chance of happening. It would take some gorilla sized balls to take the bags off someone's Harley.
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lid latch

The lid latch mounts to a bracket that attaches where the buckle straps were originaly riveted to the lid. You drill out the rivets holding the straps and replace them with special fasteners that have a flat head to look like the rivet. That part works nice.
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