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Hi all-

Has anyone out there gone through with what I'm currently going through, upgrading my ('01) Road Glide sound system to be more like an Ultra Classic sound system?

When I got my Glide in '01, I also purchased the "Road Glide Ultra Style Accessory Conversion Kit", which APPEARED to have everything I needed to get my Road Glide up to an Ultra Classic, in terms of Tour Pack, rear speakers, cb radio, etc.

Well, I soon found out that first of all, the Tour Pack itself is NOT included in this nearly $1600 accessory kit. Yikes!
Of course it wouldn't be. The Tour Pack has to be custom-painted for each color bike.
And then, while the fairing lower INSERTS are included, of course the fairing lowers are NOT. They are also custom-painted items.
Okay, so I'll get the tour pack later. And I don't know if I'll ever get the fairing lowers. So, I have some extra fairing lower inserts. No biggie.
Did I mention that a cruise control module was also included in this seemingly over-priced kit? Well, it was, and since my bike already had cruise control factory installed, I really had no use for it. So, I sold it on ebay.

Now, a few weeks ago, I finally got around to getting the Tour Pack. Received it the other day. I proceeded to install it, which was not too difficult.
Of course I also installed the rear speakers and the cb radio panel (that came with the kit).
I somehow thought that the rear speakers would work, but I knew that the cb radio would not, as my stock radio had not yet been sent in for the c/b radio upgrade.
Boy, was I wrong.
Turns out that in order for the rear speakers to work, that's part of the c/b radio upgrade, for which I have to remove the radio and take it to the dealer, so he can send it in and for about $190, it will be upgraded.

NOW... to the good part...

In the most recent H-D part catalog, I just noticed that with the listing for the "ULTRA SPEAKERS FOR ROAD GLIDE MODELS", it not only mentions the need for the c/b radio upgrade, but ALSO: "Requires separate purchase of Overlay Harness P/N 70160-98A ('98-'01 models) or P/N 70160-02 ('02-later models)."

I can't find either of those part numbers on the H-D website, in the parts category, searching by the part number, but doing a search on my favorite dealers' website for those part numbers revealed the fact that I'm in for yet ANOTHER big charge to get those rear speakers working! To the tune of $266!! Unbelieveable! For a wiring harness!

And, there is absolutely NO mention of this "Overlay Harness" in the 2001 or 2002 parts catalogs with the listing for the same speakers. Nor is there any mention of it on the H-D website listing of those speakers.

Anyone happen to know WHAT this magical $266 wiring harness IS???

And whether or not it's REALLY necessary to make my rear speakers work??

Any light you can shed on the subject would be GREATLY appreciated!

Happy trails!

Ken Newman
[email protected]
Irvine, CA
2001 Road Glide

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Sounds like you got the shaft to me. Looks like your stealer might have informed you as to what you were buying in stead of just taking your money. I just bought the lower pockets for $250.00 to go on my 04 road glide and I thought I got ripped. JT

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Didn't need the harness after all

Well, it turns out that I didn't need the harness after all.
Since I procrastinated, and only had a couple of weeks before the trip on which I wanted to use the modified radio, I sent the radio directly to Radio Sound, instead of taking it to the dealer for them to send it to Radio Sound.
I got it back in less than a week, and it works great!
I replaced my stock speakers with JBL GTO525's, but that didn't help much. It still sounds pretty much like crap.
But at least now I have the CB, and the rear speakers work, too... :)

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after marlet sounds for HD

Wow, what a hassle! I am really glad you posted the information. I have an 01 SE Road Glide. It did come with the chopped tour pak, the lower fairings, a cassette/radio in the dash AND a 12 disc cd changer in the trunk along with the hand controls that allow changing of tracks and discs while riding. It did not come with the CB. intercom, rear speakers, rear volume controls etc.

The first thing I did was replace the stock 5 1/4 speakers. I was going to buy the HD high output speakers. Lucky for me the local parts counter guy showed them to me.. they were VERY light weight. At his suggestion, I went down to the local car audio shop. They put in a pair of JL Audio two way speakers. They still sound great 2 years later and the volume before distortion is enough to hear the music at 80 mph. I was thinking about upgrading to the CB/intercom along with the rear speakers, but after reading your tale of woes, I think I wil leave well enough alone! Especially since the Sound Audio guys for HD had to reapir my CD changer three times before they actually got it fixed!

I also have a 2002 Vrod. I just finished a project where it was converted to a "ROAD ROD". This includes Harley rear hard bags and a HD ROAD GLIDE FAIRING! It was a big job and we hand built a wiring harness for the fairing. I again used the JL Audio speakers, but I also had four smaller holes in the dash for the noraml RG gages. I only used two of the holes for gages. One for Water Temp (the only HD to need it!) and one for a digital compass. The extra two holes, I filled with 1 1/2 inch JL Audio tweeters. For a head unit, I was looking at the HD CD but it was 800 bucks!

Instead I bought a Kenwood CD/MP3/AM/FM head unit with more power and better sound. It only cost 300 bucks and they had a special where I also got a FREE Sirius Sattellite module and the matching Antena for an additional 50 bucks. The module mounted inside the fairing right above the head unit. The antena I mounted on the dash right above the head unit and behind the windshield. It looks very nice the way it is mounted. It also gives me 100 digital stations with coast to coast reception! For the MP3 CD player I burned a disc with over 150 of my favorite songs in MP3 format. It is REALLY AWESOME.

Now for the REALLY trick part....Of course I wanted the HD hand controls like I have on my RG. I bought all the parts out of a RG parts diagram. IE: four switches, new chrome housings, scews, clamps, etc. etc. etc. I can't remember the total cost for all these parts but it was not cheap. I then bought an aftermarket stereo remote control inteface device that hard wired into each switch with a different resisot value for each switch. This gave me 10 different inputs because one switch on each side has three positions and the other switch on each side has two positions. This wiring was very tedious because you have to make 7 solder connections with heat shrink inside each housing!

Once the wiring to the interface was done and verified, it was very simple to use the wireless remote that came from Kenwood to "teach" the aftermarket interface what I wanted from each switch position. I actually can do more on this system without taking my hands off the grips than my original Road Glide! I can switch folders on the MP3 disc, I can rotate between my 20 preset stations on the Sirius radio, I can change tracks up and down, or listen to regular FM radio, etc. etc. Oh yeah, I also put a short rubber coated standard radio antena INSIDE the fairing instead of wiring the HD unit back to the rear of one of the hard bags. This works great for standard am/fm

Yes it was a alot of work and money but I figure I got a much better sound system with many more features and it cost about 600 bucks less than it would have if I used the HD speakers and HD head unit.

Remeber, I have the SE Road Glide as well so I got to compare them side by side. The Road Rod sound system was cheaper and MUCH BETTER!

I would gladly have inserted a photo of both bikes but I can't figure out how to do it on this forum! Can anybody help me out on how to insert photos here?

Best Regards,

Gary Alexander
Stockton, California
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