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RKC & Wild1 Chubbys WO518 ?

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Sorry about the title. it's an error on my part. I actualy meant 508's

I just picked up a set of these handlebars. After months of riding w/ the stock bars.. i'm anxious to get these 508's on my scoot. I've been shopping for bars for a while and almost everyone I have talked to, has recommended these bars. Anyhoo.. what i need help on is:

Do I need to extend any of my cables? If i do.. wich ones do i need to extend? I plan on getting everything cleaned up with braiding and hiding in the bars along w/ the bar swap. Now would be the time to tackle everything on the front end. Can anyone that has this setup, please advise me on what i will need. Thank You!
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Go to this link;


it states that the stock cables work, but the optimum length is +4 for the throttle and brake. I just purchased the 508's too for my RK Classic, but havent installed them yet. Hope this helps.
I put 508s on my RK Custom without longer cables. They'll fit, but just barely. Not sure, but I thought I heard that the Custom may have longer wires/cables because of the beach bars...... but that could be legend.
Hogzilla said:
I put 508s on my RK Custom
Can you tell me the difference bwtn your stock bars and the 508's. Are you happy with that change. iIam asking because I was under the impression that the 508 was very close to the stock bars on the Custom, Thanks
They are similar, but yet they are not the same bend. For me, the RK Custom stock bars had an uncomfortable angle at the wrist. The 508's put me in a more comfortable position, while giving me the bigger bar size I like. If I had to do it over again, I would have gone with apes, like I had on my Heritage, but the 508s are comfortable and fine. I just miss the apes.
I'm sorry again. I failed to realize that RKC could stand for either Custom or Classic. My scoot is a Classic. Thanx for the advice everyone. The link tlr posted is exactly what i needed. Thanx! I wish i had a custom.. i might have tried to do without. Looks like i'll be purchasing +4 steels. Thanx fellas, you guys come through as usual! :thumbsup:

Edit: Anyone know any good retailers for good cables? lol
Thanks for the advice. I am in the process of changing bars to the 508's and doing steel cables. I went with the HD cables in +4 length. HD has not come out with the diamond back steel cable in +4 yet. I am waiting for the parts to come in any day now. I have a Classic and was going crazy deciding on which bars to go with (508 vs 518 vs 517). Finally went with 508 and also have ordered a Corbin Solo. Good luck with yours.
I put 508s on my 06 road king classic, clutch cable worked fine, throttle cables would work but were short (went +6) Handle bar wiring was way short,
I added 6 inches . Hope this helps
Did you cut/add and crimp 6 inches of wire to the existing?
just fyi, i just finished installing the wild 1 504's on my 99 flhrci, and they are AWESOME! I went back and forth between the 518s and the 504s (im 6'1), and in the end, I thankfully decided on the 504's. Absolutely no need for any re-wiring, splicing, lengthening, modifying etc. They fit, they look awesome, and the suit the bike. I just got a solo seat, and even with the lower seating position, the bars are dead on. I have pics if u want to consider selling your 508s on ebay etc, and getting the 504s. Then again, if your reasoning is because of your height, and/or reach, then maybe the 504s arent an option. Just thought I'd plug the 504s.
I had the 508's on mine and didn't like them. Made my wrists and forearms sore. I put on a set of 503's and love em. They're like a Knucklehead bar. Of course I have long arms and that might have been the problem????? Just my -2$en#e-
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I looked at the 503's too, but I thought the 'rise' might me an issue hitting the gas tank cap via the cables on hard right turns....no? The 503's are 2" wider, with 4" less pullback. I also didn't want to regret not having enough pullback so I opted for the 504's. Either bar looks great on a road king, especially without having to extend wiring etc.
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