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RK Mustang Seat

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Question for anybody with a mustang wide solo in their RK. Is the seat higher or lower than stock (flhr). put one on my flstc and raised me an inch. ok as the softail sits lower but want to sit an inch lower on RK(coming in next week). any input appreciated.
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Sorry for the late response, I just found this thread.

My '02 RK didn't come with a stock seat, it had an HD mini touring seat. This seat sits nice and low, only downside is that its not the most comfortable seat in the world. I find that I need to get off every 100 miles or so. With this seat, I'm looking just over the top of the windshield (I'm 6'4").

In contrast, I bought a Mustang Regal Touring seat. This seat is far more comfortable, but makes me sit 2-3 inches higher. I've recently purchased the 3" oversized windshield, so the correct view is restored.

I've found that I use the HD mini touring seat for shorter runs (less than 300 miles) and the Mustang seat for longer runs.

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