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RK High Bars on 05 RK classic

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Santa brought a set of RH High Bars to me. Old Saint Nick picked them up last week at the dealer's 20% off sale. I researched this for months and trying to figure out what fits by looking at charts and pictures is tough. It's almost as tough to find the same model bike as yours with the same seat and all the different bars you think you might like.

Anyway, started the installation on Monday afternoon, in no hurry. Got the old bars and controls off, no problem. Modified the new bars so I could run the wiring inside the bars. That took a little time, just trying to be careful and end up with a neat, clean installation.

Started the reassembly and got pretty much everything back together before I called it a day.

Tuesday, I had to chase down a tube of glue for the left side grip. I was able to salvage it okay. While I was waiting for the glue to set up a little I thought it would be a good time to pull the throttle assembly off and lube the cables since I neglected to do that on the initial reassembly. Son of a %$#*&, I forgot to put the shim back in the brake lever and I heard the brake light switch pop when I was putting it back on!! AArrrrrggghhhhh..........

Buttoned everything up, took a 60 mile ride. I am very pleased so far with the new hand position. Initial feeling was a little more of the "Wheelbarrow syndrome" compared to the stock bars but after about 10 minutes it didn't seem akward at all. Low speed, parking lot manuvers are much easier since the bars are a little closer to me and not quite as wide. For me I'd say this was a good choice and everything is feeling much better.

There is no mention of the wiring extension kit being necessary on the H-D web site. I have about 2" of wiring between the bars and the connectors. With 4 connectors all bunched up together it's pretty crowded but there seems to be room. I can be a bit anal about some things so I may add the extension kit to the wiring in the near future. Right now all the connectors are right on top of the stem nut.

Thanks to all who contribute to this board. With the info here and your trusty service manul this is a job most anyone can do and end up with a few more $$$ for chrome and a feeling of accomplishment when you're done.

Anybody know how much the front brake light switch is and how difficult the installation is?
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