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woodmaster said:
Went and got my bike back today and the verdict was rings in wrong and bad valve seals.Makes me wonder what kinda crack heads they have working at the factory,I hope the MOCO are not reverting back to their old ways back in the AMF days.There was an awful lot of blowby going on which is why I wasnt seeing any smoke.(I think)The very top edge of the valve seals were worn bad in spots which kinda makes me wonder about the guides,I wish I could have done the rebuild myself just for peace of mind,the mechanic seemed very knowlagable so I am keeping optimistic about it.I dont know why it was running so lean but the pistons and valves were white.The dealership from which I bought the bike did do the stage 1 download and I had the SE A/C ,bassani true duals/sampson slip ons. I went with the 95" BB with the 204 cam,very suprised that the cam tensioners seemed to be in decent shape for 17000 miles.I am giving that credit to the use of Amsoil.I put it in at 800 miles and changed it every 3000 miles at least except for the two week vacation when I stretched it to 4000.Maybe putting a quart of oil in every 1000 miles or less kept the oil from breakin down. I think I like the way it is running now I put about 60 miles on it today.It was a little chilly today 40 and rain so the rear tire would break loose very easy.I think the 204 is going to work out good on the bagger especially when loaded down.I did get it out on the E/way for a few miles and I kept looking for another gear. I dont know what numbers I should be looking for with this combination but the tq is 89 at 2900 rpms and the peak hp is 70 at 4900 rpms. The tq is 80 plus from 2000 rpm right up to a little over 4000 rpm. I will post a copy of dyno if anyone is interest now that I am a bonofied member of this forum.Thanks to everyone for the great amount of info here.I felt like a cheap ass by soaking up all this info and not paying my dues to the ones that work so hard to make this forum what it is,and I urge everyone that hasnt paid their dues to do it.look what a manual cost and the info here is much desired by all,at least that is how I feel.I am done babbling.
unbeleivable, truly!! the download is why you were lean. rings upside down??
it is common knowldge that the valve guide seals were junk. but rings upside down??????????????????
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