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i googled up a bunch of ring filers...similar design, but different wheels.

those of you that use these often...What is your preference?
some have 60, some have 120 grit, some diamond cut wheels, carbide etc., etc,

seem to be the same...different price, though.

IMO, the one pictured at precisionmeasure is the correct way to file...from the outside to inside of the ring...correct?

on a new set of rings, what's an average amount that has to be taken off?

a couple more

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There is no telling the amount that needs to be taken off, I have seen them be at the correct spec and I have seen be so larger that they would not even fit into bore. With the rev kits we have file to fit to ensure that the correct spec is met. I do offer fit rings for those that do not want to have to do it.
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