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Trading in my 1200N for an FLHTC.

I have the following parts for sale. All have been on the bike less than 4 months and are in near perfect if not perfect condition. I will split the actual shipping costs with the buyer for the following items: Rineharts, WS, and Saddle.

Willie G. Skull Collection:
HD Skull Derby Cover - 32972-04A, HD Skull Timing Cover - 25440-04A, HD Skull Front Axle Nut Covers - 43163-08
Total for all new would be $105 - $70 SOLD

Bub Rinehart Slip-ons:
In Excellent condition. Been on the bike about three months. They sound really awesome. These things retail for $450 - $300

Harley Quick Detachable Windshield:
Used literally two times. Never really fit the look of my old bike. 58063-04
New would be $335 - Same thing and just as new - $230 SOLD

Chopper Style LLC 2" tank lift:
All hardware included - very simple and cool way to customize your bike. - $30 SOLD

Mustang Vintage Solo Wide:
This saddle is so awesome. One of my best mods. In new condition. It is for an 07 and below sportster - meaning it has the cut-out under the bottom for the electricals. PN: 76141 for Peanut tank. They were on back order for a long time at $415 retail. - $275 SOLD

2 smoked front lenses:
They come in four, but I have two of them for sale. - $15

These items are posted locally so may be sold with out notice. Email: tjwilly at gmail dot com for pics

Thanks for looking!!!
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