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Rinehart True Duals quiet baffles

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Has anyone swapped the standard baffles for the "quiet baffles" in a set of Rinehart True Duals? I've got a 2000 FLHRCI with the 95" kit and a set of Rineharts on it. For extended two-up trips I was thinking about sliding in a set of the quiet baffles to make my rider happy. I understand the increased back pressure bumps up the low end torque some but I'm curious how noticeable is the difference in the sound level.
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Quiet Baffles

I have been running the Quiet Baffles on my Street Glide since Sept. The sound is noticably less, however in my humble opinion it's a mild change. I like a little less decibel at lower rpm but don't mind a nice rapp when you twist the throttle. The lower end TQ. is an added benny and I have picked up 3 or 4 between 2500 and 3000 RPM. I have 95 juggs with SE heads so my motor will be louder than the same exhaust on an 88". Overall I'm happy with this set up and it was worth the $70 bucks on eBay. But wish I could run a little more stealth at early hour commute out of neighborhood. Zen
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