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You should do yourself a favor and avoid the 190/90 route altogether until you get past Lake Ponchatrain. The devastation from Katrina and and Ivan is almost complete. I lived in Slidell/Mandeville until I move here to Memphis in May of 04' but I still work directly with all of my project team mates who still lived in and worked out of New Orleans. They all are still working up here now and do not know when or if they will be able to go back to that area to live full time and have a job.

If you insist on a southerly route you can pick up the 2 lane roads again once your past the Lake at around Hammond. Take the 10 across from FL, AL, MS into LA and pick up the 12 in Slidell. In Hammond you can take the 55 south and pick up a, almost, coastal route through the heal. You could spend some time at Avery Island and tour the Tobasco plant, and the food down in that part of the state will make you want to slap your mama! Or continue on the 12 into Baton Rouge and pick up the 190 again after crossing over the Misssissippi River. That trip accross the Achafalaya Basin has some fantastic food as well.

Or you could take a northerly route and cruise up the Natchez Trace through Mississippi into Tenn. The speed limits on the Trace are 50 mph so you'd be getting the crusing speed your looking for and enjoy some great sceenery all the way up. I'm actually hoping the wife and I can take a few days this summer to take our time crusing the Trace from the bottom up and then cruising through the Smokeys in East TN. From where you enter TN on the Trace you could take your pick of routes back west through TN into AR and then down into LA and TX. If you choose this route and want to come through Memphis give me a call. I've always got a spot for a fellow Leatherneck in need.

Whatever you deside, enjoy the ride and keep safe.

Semper Fi,

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