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Riding attire...

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What do you guys wear? I know a leather jacket, but what about full leathers? Or do you ussually wear jeans? How about helmets? Do you wear full face? Shorties? Skull caps? No helmet at all?

The smaller the helmet the better the chance that it won't help in a crash. What do you guys wear?

Gloves? What kind of boots?

Any advice on good cost effecient gear for a newbie?

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Full face, clear lens helmet
Leather boots
Harley FXRG riding suit
Mechanix gloves
Winter: Black jeans, boots, gloves, long sleeve under HD t-shirt, gloves and half-helmet. Bandana over face if real cold.

Summer: Shorts, mocs (slip-on suede shoes) long sleeve denin shirt in cold morn/eves HD t-shirt and half-helmet.

Sorry if I don't fit the role. I want to be as comfortable as possible!;)
I usually just wear jeans and a t-shirt when riding in town. Over the ankle boots are an everyday thing here. Depends on how I am feeling as to whether or not I wear a helmet in the city. The heat index usually dictates that one.

If I am on the highway on a road trip? Usually wear the full leathers and a shorty helmet for sure. I have been pelted by rocks (they hurt) and sprayed with all kinds of nasty stuff coming from vehicles on the highway and I have learned that leathers will keep that stuff off of you and offers a bit of protection.
Right now......

A Brown paper Bag over my head.

Still in the damn rented Kia! :eek:
Jeans, t-shirt, shorty helmet and Wolverine steel toes. In the winter leather jacket and a full face if it gets real cold.
I don't dress to impress, so it just depends on the weather. :) Yesterday it was REAL hot out. I wore over-the-ankle boots (always do) jeans, tank-top, shorty helmet & sunglasses.

Usually in perfect weather I wear those same boots, jeans, t-shirt, vest, shorty gloves (really help the vibration from the Sporty), and shorty helmet if I'm riding in town and full-face helmet if riding all day long.

Cold weather I wear same boots, jeans, leather chaps (boy do they help), t-shirt, sweatshirt, leather jacket, gauntlet gloves, neck snuggy, full-face helmet.

If it's raining I wear a rainsuit and those little things that go over your boots.

Sometimes it's just a little cool when I start out... I just wear jeans & t-shirt with jacket but the jacket comes off when it warms up enough.

<shrug> As I said, it depends on the weather.
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Trip to a neighbors no more than 10 miles:
Half Helmet with eye protection, a vest and long pants/boots.

Trip locally (more than 10) and staying off of the highway
Half Helmet with eye protection, a vest and long pants/boots.

Local Crusise on familiar roads/highway:
Half Helmet with eye protection, a leather jacket and long pants/boots. If it's super hot I might just wear a vest, but I gotta know my roads pretty well and not be worried about some other driver hitting me....

Long trip over 200 miles:
Those kevlar impregnated jeans, full boots, leather riding jacket and unless it's really hot, full helmet...

And for those cold days:
Long pants, Full Helmet and boots, of course my riding jacket...

Boots, Helmet, Long Pants, (catch my trend) and I always have on a pair of gloves!

Hey, I might not always look like an outlaw, but I'm comfortable in both my mind and in what I'm wearing (and the ole' lady thinks I will survive another vehicle bumping into me)...
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After my last accident (brain dead cage driver changed lanes into me) I've become a firm believer in heavy duty riding attire no matter what the weather. Full helmet, full Tourmaster Cortech riding suit w/armor, leather/kevlar gloves and 9" riding boots. I plan on riding for many years to come.
J w/ a K, Had a few beers this afternoon and almost pissed my pants. You just have to get us a picture of you, the paper bag and that friggin' Kia. Bwaaaahaaaa!:D
I ALWAYS wear a leather jacket, boots, gloves and helmet. Dress for the CRASH not the RIDE

On the harley almost always wear jeans and a long sleeve T shirt, but will not get on the bike without armored motorcycle boots and gloves.
Full-face helmet, armored leather jacket (with venting good enough to be comfy up to about 80°), armored boots, gloves, leather pants up to about 70°, jeans if warmer.

Planning on gettin a Joe Rocket Phoenix armored jacket for the ride to South Dakota in July- supposed to be comfortable well into the 90's.

Haven't worn shorts on a bike since about 1978, when I was riding with a buddy who had shorts and a tank top on. We were doing about 30 MPH, I was about 50 yards behind him when he rode into a swarm of bees ... nothing makes you jump like a handful of bees rammed up your shorts.

I've gotten good prices, good gear and great service here. I bought the Hein Gericke leathers you'll find on this site. Quality and armor is very similar to the Harley FXRG stuff (I think the skins are actually better) at about 40% less cost.
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Blue Jean shorts , T shirt , High top BB shoes, baseball hat, half helmet if ride > 10 miles

Blue Jean shorts , Tank Top , High top BB shoes, baseball hat, half helmet if ride > 10 miles
For you guys that usually wear jeans or shorts: have you ever been down? Not a flame, just curious.
To each his own, but my personal rules:

If it was 200 degrees F outside I would still not wear shorts on a motorcycle. Not after seeing the legs of a guy who tipped his bike over at 5 MPH in a grassy field and had his legs trapped against the hot exhaust and engine for 20 minutes while he waited for somebody to come along and lift the bike off him. Actually I had this rule before seeing him but now I know why.

I never wear anything except boots (OK, socks too) on my feet when on a motorcycle. What possible advantage do tennis shoes offer other than looking less dorky with shorts which isn't an issue with me.

Always some kind of DOT helmet but admittedly usually a half helmet. I used to ride w/o a helmet but it just seems like a good idea. I haven't heard a single good arguement against a shorty helmet vs. no helmet other than maybe being hotter. Funny that would be an issue with a bunch of hard-assed guys. Of course some kind of eye protection even when I have the windshield on.

Leather jacket (the heaviest I can stand) unless it is really warm out and I am just out cruising.

Always some kind of gloves.

Never ever a HD T-shirt.

I don't even own a leather vest, 'do rag, chain-drive wallet, harness boots or a "live to ride" baseball hat.
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Jet88 said:
For you guys that usually wear jeans or shorts: have you ever been down? Not a flame, just curious.
A: Down where? Down Under,no.
But I have been down to the Southernmost point in the US in Key West several times thoughjavascript:smilie(':eek:')
Like you said logical to each his own.
I guess it would look fucking stupid wearing shorts in Detroit.
But when the MoFo's come down here on vacation,
they look pretty "dorky' with their gay fannie packs and hawaiian shirts :)
(and you know who you are)
There are two types of riders: Those who have been down and those who are going down. Guess who wears the shorts. Whenever I pull up to guy wearing shorts on a bike I say, "First bike, eh?"


My point was that it would look dorky wearing boots with shorts. It gets every bit as hot in Michigan as it does in Florida...just not as often. I forgot to mention I don't own any fanny packs, Hawaiian shirts or any other clothes you'd consider gay attire.
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