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A buddy and myself went up to Topaka Kansas to a party at a new bike bar that his friend just opened. This was last summer,and it was about 350 miles from the house. Anyway about 100 miles into the trip I seen 2 deer run across the road in front of him, (he did not see them) and about 15 min. later 3 more. He did not see them either,but since he was up front,I seen them. We stopped up the road in Whichita just a few miles ahead,and decided to stay till morning. There is allot od deer running across the hiway at night in Kansas! Must be the corn fields or somthing. Any way it was not as sight I wanted to see. The same thing happened in Wyoming this year on our vacation. We got stuck riding at night across a 80 mile strech of nothing. I ran over a rabbit,and the wife hit somthing small. She did'nt see anything,but the blood & stuff was on her bike the next day. I was so tired I could have sworn I kept seeing antalope running across the road,but could'nt be sure. Freeky!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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