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Last night, after getting in a minoy tiff w/ the SO, went for a ride up the coast. Left at 10:00 PM and went about 150 miles round trip (Ventura and back on HWY 101). Although I've ridden for more years than I want to admit, its the first time in a while I've gone any distance on relatively unfamiliar highways at night (i.e. normal night riding is in town on very well lit roads which are very familiar).

Evem though I have the halogen (blue) lights which are very bright, it was spooky in a way. Without seeing the rivulets it the road, the minor tracking with the wide front tire (i.e. following the lines), and not being able to unconsciously anticipate them, was disconcerting. Also, forgot how much I anticipate cross winds by watching the trees, etal. Felt wierd when the bike would start to drift right or left with no immediately apparent reason. Finally, I worried more about road kill, etal (not to mention rocks, beer cans, and *&&%,) than normal.

Do you ride at night, or do you avoid it? Ifso, how many of you experience this? Any tips?

thx, greg

ps. weather was perfect, plan to do it again soon under better circunstances!
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