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RidersEdge Training- where to post about this subject?

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I would like to post the message below to get some responses from the forums' participants. where should i post it??
Thank you for your reply.

I understand that Harley Davidson has a new program for new riders where among other things they teach you safety and riding elements. This program is not available in California where I plan to reside shortly.
Has anyone taken the training yet? How is it? Are these training programs worth the investment? Has anyone heard when the training would come to California, and more specifically Los Angeles Area?
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That program is totally based on the MSF course, often tought by the same instructors, so if there are MSF courses available in CA they are the exact same thing, with the only difference being that in one you might be riding a Blast and in the other a japanese bike. Unless you plan to ride a Blast, there is no difference.

The course is a must, and once you get some miles under your belt you might consider the advanced or experienced course, that is taken on your own bike. As of now you can only get that one from the MSF.

Look around the site. There are a few threads where this was discussed and some literature that covers the beginner and advanced courses quite nicely was suggested.
I took the riders edge course and had my wife take it when she decided to start riding. It is well worth the time and money, if nothing else it may persuade some people that riding is not where they belong.
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