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I'm working on an 11 day ride and looking or any one to join us. I was going to link up with the Ride Home for a few days, but then head up and around Lake Michigan. I think this will be a much more scenic ride. :cool: Then head down into Milwaukee on the 28th. If your interested or can link up along the way let us know. Reason for this soooo early, my belief is rooms around the dealers might be tight and I wanted the ability to walk back to my room after each!:D

  • 8/23 leave for Buffalo from VA
  • 8/25 leave for Dearborn, MI
  • 8/26 Leave for Traverse City, MI
  • 8/27 Leave for Escanaba, MI.
  • 8/28 Party starts, Leave for Milwaukee
  • 8/29 Party
  • 8/30 Party
  • 8/31 Big Party
  • 2 day ride home
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