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Ride of the Month: round 1

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Here's your chance to be featured at V-Twin Forum! To enter your ride, all you need to do is provide the info below along with a photo(s). And don't forget the story behind the bike because that can often turn the trick!

The winner for each round will be chosen by our members votes!

Eng size:
Transmission(5sp, 6sp etc):
And the story:

As long as you haven't won in the past year you can enter again.
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Ride of the month

What the h***, here is my entry into the ride of the month.
Here is the info about her:
05 deuce in Chopper Blue Pearl
Modified stock seat recovered in Gray Ostrich leather
95" 5 speed put together with the help of this forum.

The best part of this bike is that it has get the wife riding her own and made for some great friendships and memories.


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Chopper Blue De,

Tell us a little about those memories! A story behind the ride can make all the difference and everyone loves to read them too.

I bought my 06' 1200C Sportster last April and have put about 16,000 miles on since, all while riding to a rally or different bike show.
I decided to buy when the physical pain (Disabled Veteren GW1) went away enought that I could walk and enjoy things a little more.
I built this bike with my Mom's death in mind. I got "the call" the morning I was pulling out to drive to Minot, ND to work, from California. She died in a fire and we buried her out at sea.
So I have the paint done in a marbleized candy blue base (HOColor) with harlequin color shift chameleon flames.
Everything is done with a spike theme, to the Z-bar handlebars which I cut in half, rewelded and then spend 14 hours interally wiring them.
I do all my own work and service on my bike.
I built this bike for me and my Mom. The shows have been nice, especially the appreciation shown. But its just my daily rider that I love.
The time I rode to Myrtle Beach this summer and got to watch the sun rise in the east was pretty cool, since I have always seen the sun set over Catalina island in the west. So I got to spend some time talking with my Mom at both coasts. What a journey...
Anyway. Hope you like it. Here is my website that has some more pics.

Year: 06'
Model: 1200C
Eng size: 1200
Transmission(5sp, 6sp etc):
Pipes: Pipe Dreamz
Seat: Lepera custom, w/custom blue flame stitching
Wheels: RevTech eliminator 7
Accessories: Z-bars, Lizard lights, taxes. SE IGN, too many...

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Velocity 1's Custom Softail

Well, it all starts with, (and I deny it to this day....,) a mid-life crisis, an over exposure to a good friend's '96 FatBoy total chrome out customization I was under the gun to complete, and an Ebay ad, listing this bike just before Christmas 2003. Running short on cash, and overpowered by an overwhelming mindless penchant to own this 31/150 HD Color Shop beauty, (from the moment I saw it), I decide to call the seller and make an offer. 3 days later I'm in Columbus, GA forking over the cash.

First impression was pnenominal, as the paint says it all. The pics on ebay hadn't done it justice! I swore on the spot that the 1 owner, dealer stock FXST was as done as it needed to be ! Spend no more money. Period. I finished my Buddy's FatBoy and then my obsession kicked in on building my own first custom Softail. Make no mistake when I say once I got started, I couldn't stop. Not unlike most of my toys I've built, anything worth doing is worth doing right, and suddenly money becomes no object. This bike represents my personal self expression in "Harley canvas..." The only art form I hadn't worked in yet.

It started with the custom Weld Recluse wheels, Russell polished S/S rotors and new HD chrome oil tank. Followed by the matching Weld rotors and pulley. Slamming the suspension 2 full inches and fitting a 160 Avon to the stock rear '02 Bobtail fender. Personal touches include some of the skull accessory accents seen in the photos that you won't find on the HD store multi-fit rack. The list goes on and on....

2 years ago this New Year's eve, with nothing to do and no where to go, I installed the Barnett clutch and HD plate, along with 3.37 gearing. At midnight, I ran the open Pro Pipe out the shop door to make my share of midnight noise celebrating the arrival of the New Year! I rode it that New Year's day. The new clutch and 3.37's were the impressive improvement I had hoped for. A tire smoker in its' own right.

Not totally happy that the bike looked the part, as it was no slouch @ 88ci. making 76/82 with only 204's, I decided I needed more go, (see my Avatar comment). I disassembled the motor the following year in time to have the motor back from SBC's and Diamond Head. Over the latter part of December, (Yup Christmas '05), I assembled the jugs, pistons, heads, and Andrew 37G's using the FSM and my own common sense to produce the screamin' 95" motor in the frame in the pictures.

Gee whiz, Wouldn't you know it??? In late '06, The '07' Softails have a bad azz 200mm tire stock from the factory.....Damn....have to have it. A phone call to Weld for another custom 18 x 6" rear wheel and to Avon for a 200mm tire. Last fall, ('06), was spent engineering my own retro-fit kit that would allow a clean, safe, functional installation of a 200mm tire in the 2002 swingarm. After countless hours of measuring and planning, trial fitting, and custom machinging all the original stock HD guards and parts, adding the new '07 Bobtail fender, Custom Struts, cutting the Weld pulley down for the new narrow belt for clearance, and a tireless 5 week custom paint matching effort by "Doyle" to replicate the stock Color Shop paint, and you have the finished product seen in these photos.

It's a rider, not a queen. I'm working on plans that will produce my first personal custom... Maybe next Christmas...??? LOL


Year: 2002
Model: FXST Softail
Eng size: 1550
Transmission: HD5 spd, Baker 3.60 final gearing
Pipes: Recent HD SE Pro Pipe w/custom
Seat: Custom Mammoth Choppers 2006 Saber
Wheels: Weld Recluse
Accessories: DTT Ignition, Bob Wood Performance Rebel Carb, D&M A/C, Hayden M6, Barnett CF Ext. Disc. Clutch w/SE Plate. Compu Fire 10/84 starter gearing, Did I mention chrome.....


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Here is my entry

This is my 1978 FLH that I got when my father past away back in Jan. of 2001. Since then it has been completely gone through leaving only the cases original and unopened. I started the project in Feb. of 2001 and was finished that spring, or so I thought. Every winter the bike got something changed until the way you see it now. This bike was a way for me to hold on to my fathers spirit because he loved this bike and I'm sure he would be proud of the way it looks now.

1978 FLH
still 74" 68hp, 67TQ
S&S heads 9.0:1 CR
woods cam
spyke ignition
5-speed trans
60 spoke wheels
new style hard saddle bags
96 up handle bar controls


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My Ride: 89 FXR

Hi Guys,
Here's my ride. Took me 3 years in the making. I had got it with the intention of customising it when my 1st wife left (Wedding ring was used as a spacer in the engine mount :)). I had then met another girl and I vowed I wouldn't marry her before I finish the bike so exactly 3 days before getting married last August I was finishing it off :) It's got the following specs:

Model: FXR 1989
Eng size: 1850cc S&S
Transmission: 6 speed
Wheels: 21" front, 19" 180 rear
Pipes: Thunderheaders Fatcat
Seat: La Pera (had to trim the front to fit the curve of the fuel tank)
Accessories: 6 pod calipers front & rear, 3"Open Belt drive, Electronic harness, Dakota digital instrumentation, etc.

Hope you guys will like....



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yall stop it!!!!! my brain hurts already. all beautiful bikes and stories that bring a tear.
93 Inch Iron

Year: 1975
Model: XLH
Eng size: 93 Cubic Inches
Transmission(5sp, 6sp etc): All Andrews 4speed
Pipes: Drag Pipes
Seat: LaPera
Wheels: Chrome Spokes
Accessories: K&N O2 sensors
And the story:
I purchased this bike brand new in 1975 for just $2,300 at Brooklyn Harley Davidson. In 1979 I decided to make it a real muscle bike by stroking it out to 93ci. As most of you know there is a lot more involved then just adding stroke. The cases had to be welded at the deck for the steel cylinders and to relocate the cylinder base studs. The cylinder heads were dual plugged, ported and larger valves installed. The bottom end is all S&S and the pistons are from Venolia with Total Seal gapless rings. The wet clutch was removed for the older dry setup and a Strociek trap door is used to hold in the all Andrews transmission. The bike was rarely used for quite some time and just recently I decided to give it a make over. The bike was totally stripped and the engine was split open. The frame was media blasted and powder coated along with the fenders. A new wiring harness was installed along with a Big Boar battery. The engine was completely done over and some new up to date components added. To turn the engine over a Tech Hi Torque starter is used. Baisley roller rockers were added to the valve train and a Crane Fireball Multi Spark ignition is used to provide the spark. S&S Super E dumps in the fuel. I don't have many modifications because I wanted to keep it looking like a Sportster. I loved the way the bike looked when it was new and I still love the way it looks after 32 years. I could go on and on but I think that this bike speaks for itself in that it is a one of a kind machine. You definitely don't see them like this anymore. Plus, it's one bad motor scooter.

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Model-softail frame custom creation
Engine size-RevTech 100"
Tranny-6 speed
Pipes-Bent by builder
Seat-Advanced Custom Design (horned back croc and full quill ostrich)
anything else you can see in the pictures...

Story- After getting locked up in New Jersey I started going through a messy divorce. So anyway I bought this bike in cash and put it in my dad's name so the sucubus that I was married to couldn't get the cash from me. True story. Hiding $$$ from greedy ex-wives is so much fun:clap:

BTW as the pictures show, ladies seem to love my scooter...

Lastly the scooter's name is "Gucci".


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