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OK posers, for 2017 I plan to make a few changes to the ride of the month. All monthly events will be scheduled in advance. There will be 4 open events, and 4 special events. The special events will be picked by youens. By that I mean you will suggest them, and if we get more than 4, we'll vote it out.

The first event will be an open, then alternate between special and open.

That will give us 8 entries or events for the 2018 ROTY.

The 9th entry will be a runoff of second place finishers in the 8 prior events. Tie breakers will be mine to determine. I will fill the field with 10 entries if there are sufficient entries.

The 10th ROTY entry will be an at large entry chosen from non winning entries by me. What ever floats my boat from the non winners left after round 9.

All events that end in a tie will result in a runoff. Runoff polls will be open for 5 days. If that results in a tie, I will decide the winner.

All events will be open for entry for no less than 21 days. All event polls will be open for 14 days. And there might be a period of time when an open event and a special event will be open to entry at the same time. So as to eliminate the need to close it up while I'm out on the road next summer. As always, the first 10 entries make the poll for each event.

Feel free to make comments or suggestions, but keep it on topic.

I will open a thread as to special event nominations in a day or two.
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