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Revtech starter jackshaft bolt!?

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Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum and to custom chops. I just recently purchased a custom chopper that has a 110 revtech motor with a 6 speed transmission. The bike is missing the jackshaft bolt and im not sure which kit I should buy. Anyone have any advise? Thanks in advanced
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There are 2 possibilities,, the only way to positively know,, is to check the threads in the center of the starter drive shaft... which generally requires the starter be in hand.

One is 10-24 threads, the other is 1/4"×20 threads there is/was a bolt available that adapted the 1/4" bolt to the 10-24 thread..
Thanks. I also have another issue I forgot to mention. Any idea on how to figure out what tooth count I need for the gear? I seen some was 10 tooth and some 9 tooth
I found the 10-24 bolt to be shorter so to keep the length I machined the 1/4 -20 down and threaded it to 10-24.
It seemed the short bolt only caught a limited number of threads.
Hopefully I won't have that issue. I dont have the tools to do that kind of work.
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