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Revs 114" 124" 131" kits, Will your cases hold up?

Trying to convince myself that the 114" 124" 131" kits are bullet Proof!

-Seeing that your cases are bored out to 4.410 x 1.500, with a 4.250 bore It doesent leave much meat around the top of cases,
- The thinness in head gaskets prone to be weak,
-Higher chance of oil seapage, and the barrels must be bullet proof at only
.160 wall thickness, Do the nikasil bore never wearout?
Other big inch engines that run this bore have a wider stud spacing to compansate for the 4.250 bore, is it pushing the limit a bit?

Whos done some big miles on these kits??
Any problems you want to spill,?

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I have built all the comobs you listed and own a 124. There is enough material to provide support without breaking. I pound mine as well as every customer that is willing to ride it. No problems at all. Being that the cylinder is so tough that diamond hones are needed to cut it you are not going to wear it out. And this head gasket rumor I really have no idea where that came from but as many kits as I have sold I have never had a head gasket leak, or base gasket,provided that you tq correctly you will be fine.

The kits work great the 98 kit being very popular with those that are not wanting to split the cases
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