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Replacement Fat Boy Handle Bars

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Good evening everyone. Please grab a bar stool and have a cold one on me.

I?d like to ask for a few suggestions for a replacement set of handlebars for my ?03 Fat Boy. To me, the stock bars are just an inch or two too far forward, no matter how I have them angled. I?d like to find a pair of bars that are just a bit farther backward to allow me to lean back a bit more in the seat. That would make the longer rides more comfy.

Also, I?d like to get by without having to redo any cables or wires. Is that possible if I?m only trying to bring the controls an inch or two closer?

Thanks for the experienced help.

Be sure to have another on me before you go.

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irbigdog said:
Check out J&P Catalog for part #290126 Custom pullback risers. These can be used with your existing handlebars, wires, and cables. These worked great, and makes the difference you are looking for.
Irbigdog, thanks for the suggestion. Just ordered this part to see how it works for me. It looks much easier and cheaper than replacing the bars.
Just installed the new risers and took a little ride. It felt a little more comfortable. Maybe an inch or two more would be perfect, but this will do for awhile. Thanks again Irbigdog for the pointer.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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