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First Post for me - lots of great info on this site.

I am on my 4th Big Twin (first Twin Cam) - it runs very well, has great touring range, and is generally enjoyable to own and drive - however - a continual source of frustration for me has to do with electrical problems:

1, The head light gas filled with water (two separate failures) in the rain which ,of course, blows the bulb, and leaves me with no headlight.
2, The cruise intermittantly malfunctioned, and was later diagnosed as a sticking rear break light switch.
3, The heated hand grips will not turn off, and at $300.00 (Canadian) dollars, should be near perfect.
4, No rear-operated brake light, (the swictch is defective for the second time).

These are all relatively small problems, and I am treated fabulously by my Dealer, but this lack of quality control makes me wonder about keeping this bike past the warranty period. I own lots of other bikes, and just don't have , and never have had, continual issues with any of them.

Anyone care to comment on my experience with my tourer?
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