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Renting a King in Florida, need help

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Not sure this is the right forum, but thught I'd start here. I have to be in Orlando in early October, so am taking the SO and renting a Road King from Orlando HD for 6 days. Plan to hit Miami and Ft Lauderdale, but generally unfamiliar with the Florida coast Any referencs to internet sites, riding books or other sources of bker places I wouldn't want to miss would be greatly appreciated.

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I second Key West, from Miami to Key west there are I believe 43 bridges one of whichis seven miles long with some of the most beautiful turqois water I have ever seen. I think its about 140 miles from Miami to Key West. And key west is motorcycle friendly, I go every year after bike week for about six years now. If you are adventurous there are a few clothing optional places to visit, Atlantic shores right down the street from the southernmost point of the US(90miles to Cuba), The other place is the Garden of Eden on top of the bull/ whistle stop. There is also Hemingways house, beautiful sunsets, and if your up to it take one of the snorkel trips. Have fun whatever you decide.
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