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Removing heads

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I think I am going to have big boyz rework the heads on my road king.Could someone walk me thru taking them off? I have the factory service manual but I am a liitle leary of taking this on ,how hard is this to do.I am somewhat mechanical but have never realy tore into the motor on my harley.Thanks in advance.
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The short of it is....

1) Remove the tank
2) Remove the exhaust
3) Remove the intake
4) Remove the rockers
5) Remove the heads

Use the manual for EVERY STEP as it will explain in detail.
I will also add, be very careful not to scratch the tank. Only use the proper tools. The second something doesn't seem right STOP and ask. Don't force anything. And once they are off the bike, package them so they can be dropped from 5 feet and won't incure any damage. The heads can not be touching in any way in the packaging or they will get damaged. Surround each on with thick cardboard at the very least.

And take your time. There is nothing hard about the whole process. If you are comfortable with a wrench you should be fine.
I would recommend that you have a good place to lay everything out as you take things off in a pattern that will help you at the time of assembly. If possible take some digital pictures as you go. It will also help in assembly.
If you have a newer bike your petcock is vacuum operated, something I over looked and spilled some gas.
If you have a friend to help you, it makes the job easier. Two people can think through the process and work together to do the job faster and easier. It makes a fun learning experience for both. Just take your time and ask if you have problems. And read the manual twice berfore starting and the whole time you are doing the job. Should be no problem.
Good luck.
You can do it with the FM and if you get stuck the forum is here.

Springer's analogy is pretty much it, and it is that simple.

Just observe the patterns and order associated with the top rocker bolts, breather bolts, rocker support plate bolts in both taking off and going on, and you got it made.

The worst part on my bike is the gas tank, even with the light on I got about 1/2 gallon and draining and working with the crossover tube is a PITA. I solved it with a braided crossover with a quick connect to the tune of 100 bucks. It was my nemesis though, I hate gas all over the place, so worth it to me.

You might want to look into the intake bolts, I have the snap on tool, but before that I used a allen wrench I cut the leg down on.
hazer - I've got the dreaded CRS syndrome, so I like to take a piece of cardboard and draw an outline of the part and punch a hole where each bolt goes. Then as I take off the bolt I put it in the cardboard. Now, if I can only remember where I put the cardboard :hmmm:
Buy lunch bags to store parts in as they come off. Write on each bag and put them in order as they come off, then reverse to reinstall.

There a few article's on the web in regards to this. I believe NHRS and Bartells had some good ones. One of the past American Iron rags had a good one also.
Do a google on removing tc88 heads and see what pops up. That's how I found a bunch of articles on it.
It appears to me that removing the darn gas tank is the biggest hurdle...
READ the last pages first, pictures may help.
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