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I removed the ignition switch on a 2006 Ultra Classic, and now it will not go back into place. This switch is unlike previous year models. Harley has an alignment tool, part number 45962 to perform the alignment, however, Harley will not sell me the tool, and Jims does not offer it, and of course Kent Moore will not sell to non Harley people.
Has anyone dealt with this besides me. I cannot seem to align the internal pieces to allow the switch to go back together.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Ray, you've already received a few replies on the other postings you had on this, but in-case you didn't see them I will help here.

First, don't worry about that tool, it's a waste of $120 bucks! All you need is a flashlight and a medium to large flat blade screwdriver.

1) Make sure the forks are to the left and locked. If they are not locked, turn the forks left and then stick the screwdriver all the way to the bottom and turn it left while jiggling the bars on the left stop until the forks lock.

2) Look in the hole with a flashlight. You will see the switch plate half-way down the hole, this is what turns when you move the ignition switch to on, run and accessory. Make sure the tabs on the switch plate are lined up like in this photo:

If the tabs aren't lined up properly you will need to line them up using the screwdriver. Stick it in part-way until it contacts the switch plate. Line it up so the slots are lined up at 2 o'clock and 8 o'clock when looking down in the hole.

3) Insert the switch assembly. Place the spring on the shaft and insert the lock in with the lock pointed towards the "fork lock" position. Make sure the key is still in the keyhole and turned all the way to the left 60º. Refer to this photo:

4) If you've got it aligned properly, the lock will bottom out all the way in and you need to hold it in with your hand and turn the key to engage the locking tab that holds it in:

5) Now the switch should be in with the forks locked. Re-insert the key and unlock the forks like normal. Go for a ride!!!

Good Luck!!
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