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I started Harris' lessons today. I think I need a Lesson 0 before I start dealing with the 2X4, but hey it's the first day.

However...I searched and this has come up once or twice, but..

My hands are "average", but it's going to take a lot of patience on my part to do the "four finger" thing on the front brake lever. Three is okay, but the pinky is an uncomfortable reach. At my "age" it would take a lot less patience and distracting thought if there were a "reduced reach" lever.

I see Classic Chrome Ergo Levers and Kuryakyn Trigger Levers mentioned.

Anyone try these - or others - and more easily do the "four finger" thing?




For most people the little finger doesn't really wrap around the lever until the braking application has moved the lever in somewhat. So it may be that you don't need to change levers.

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