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Red Line Oil and Chirping Noise

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Red Line Oil - Baisley Spring - Chirping Noise

I think I have the dreaded chirping noise that seems to come from the heads/rocker area of the front cylinder while driving at a constant cruising speed. The noise doesn't seem to be present during accel or decel.

There is a thread somewhere here that suggests Red Line oil might help so I ordered up some for the tran., primary, and engine.

I've changed the oil before but never the tran. or primary... got it all done in about 3 hours and ended up feeling pretty smug. Next time will be faster now that I know where everything is and how to get the bike/lift/drip pan oriented.

First question: I replaced the primary gasket (looked like new tho) and all the plug O rings (they all looked questionable). There appeared to be some white goop on the threads which I cleaned off. One guy told me to use teflon tape on the plugs. I just used new O rings and torgued them according to the book. Should I use telfon tape or lock tite as well??

Second question: I notice some metal fragments in the drip pan while draining it. I don't know which hole these came from... is it normal?

I took it out for a spin last night and feel like the noise is definitely better, not gone, but noticeably quiter and the clunk shifting is smoother and more quiet as well. The engine seems tighter/thicker if that makes any sense.

Next, will be the Baisley spring. Not sure if I am up to that myself. Some say that it is a snap, but I have no mechanical experience and fear getting it open and not being able to get it to the dealer, short of towing, if something goes wrong. When the spring comes and I can take a look at the instructions I will determine if I want to have a go. Otherwise will have the dealer put it in at the 10K service which is at hand.

Note: I used the 20w60HD engine oil, MTL for the primary, and Shockproof Heavy for the tran.

btw... I finally put up some pics of my scoot in the link below.
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1. I just use new o-rings without problems.
2. A little bit of metal filings is most likely from the gear box. No biggy.
3. Between the instructions and your service manual the Baisley spring
install is very easy.
4. I would be surprized if the oil change fixes the chirping sound.

Went for an extended ride yesterday and the noise is still there...


Baisley spring is next.

Thinking about putting an S&S motor in my RK... this is BS!!

Got to checking my exhaust system yesterday. Found two of the heat shield clamps loose and the head nuts were not what I would call tight.

After tightening, went for a ride and about 70% of my noise problem has disappeared. The most annoying part is gone.

I am still going to do the Baisley spring, probably this weekend. If it doesn't work, I will still be happy with where the noise is now compared to what it was.

The noise is now mainly on decel and at slower speeds. Cruising speed noise, the worst one, is gone. I can hear my pipes again.
hey 8 ball,
1. i always use a dab of thread sealent on the drainplugs. Most of the time if you look the oring will pich and strech when tightend down....
2. yes some metal is normal...very very little chips maybe(for lack of a better word). If you were to drain the primary you may get a kind of metallic swirl in the drip pan, thats cool to..The largest chucks(but not that big, you know what i mean) are from the trans..should be o.k.
Hope this calms the nerves a little........happy holidays....

Baisley spring went in yesterday.

spring --------------$13
installation --------endless

Actually, the spring went in very quickly. It was getting to it that took some time.


I went for an extended ride today and noted that the noise, while not gone, has definitely improved.

I think it has moved to be most correct. It used to be most prevalent at cruising speed (any gear), but has now moved to idle, decel, and light accel. There is no noise when accelerating strongly. I also notice that the noise is reserved now for lower speeds... I hear nothing over 45 mph... weird.

Overall the spring has been a success in terms of reducing this most annoying clatter. Having the noise occur during cruising speeds was intolerable.

Note to anyone doing this.... remove the brake arm and pedal. Scratched mine in the process.... $150 piece of chrome down the tubes.
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