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Red Line® products have long been the choice of racers and knowledgeable engine builders in the performance aftermarket industry. Proven on the track and specially formulated for even the toughest road riding conditions, Red Line® offers the most chemically advanced products for your ride. From engine oil to transmission and drive line lubricants, with a few specialty products in between, Red Line® lubricants are available for both your air-cooled Harley-Davidson® and your car or truck.

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Red Line® Transmission Oil with Shockproof®
By far the best transmission oil you can buy for use in Big Twin 4, 5 or 6 speed street bikes - you'll immediately notice smoother shifting and quieter operation! V-Twin Transmission Oil with ShockProof® provides unequalled protection for both stock and aftermarket H-D® transmissions. This product dampens transmission noise (reducing the notorious shifting "clunk" found in these gearboxes), dramatically reduces temperature, provides thicker oil films between gear teeth and completely resists throw-off.

Red Line® Big Twin Power Packs
Big Twin Power Packs from Red Line® Oil are complete kits for motorcycles equipped with Evolution® and Twin Cam® engines. Available in 20W50 or 20W60, each kit has been tested for compatibility and includes enough fluids for a complete oil change with a bonus Red Line baseball cap, handy ergonomic funnel, SI-1 fuel injection cleaner, and a sticker package! Complete kit, good for all EVO and TC Harley-Davidson® models.

Red Line® SI-1 Injector Cleaner
Conveniently packaged, great for your motorcycle and your car! Cleans fuel injectors and removes intake valve deposits for increased fuel economy and power output, while providing additional top end lubricant. Restores that 'snap' that today's modern fuel injected engine slowly loses over time.


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