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local HD dealer got the recall kits in tues. [1-10] the wrench turners started with the 6 bikes they had on the showroom floor. i spent the day at the shop today watching bike #5 get repaired. 4hrs 37min from start to finish. no problems at all everything went smooth as silk. rode the bike around the block after the work was finished. shifting is just as before but N is a lot easier to find, shifting from N to 1st takes a little more firm press but everything else is no change. Wrench turner done a very good profesional job. he was very careful to foam wrap and/or tape up everything that could be scratched
i'm pleased with what i saw and set my bike up to go in for recall tues [1-17]
service mgr. said to bring my easy chair & watch the work on my bike if i want.:woohoo:
SYN3 oil is a no cost to you replacement if you want. service mgr. says if any dealer tries to hold you up on this have them call MOCO customer service while your there and they will take care of it. MOCO sent out service bulletin on this 2 weeks ago and a dealers should have it by now.
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