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The magazine Hot Rod Bikes has tested tons of pipes on the dyno over the years and they all fall within several horsepower and foot pounds of torque of one another. I suggest you go to a big bike event and look and listen to a variety of pipes. That might help you make a decision. Samsons have as good of a reputation as any. You might want to first try some slip-on straight pipes to see if you indeed want to live with the noise of straight pipes. Some styles of aftermarket pipes can't be retrofitted with any sort of baffling or mufflers so if they are too loud, you're stuck. Be sure and retain your stock exhaust so you can always go back. You will probably experience a slight dip in low speed torque with straight pipes but thats somewhat offset with higher top end power.

Most any pipe or air filter upgrade will require rejetting. Yost, Thunder Jet, Dynojet, etc. all do about the same thing - enrich the mixture. IMHO buy the cheapest kit that includes jets, drill bits and a slide spring.
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