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rear running boards for 92 FLHTP

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Hi all,
I recently purchased a 92 FHLTP. I want to install passenger running boards. I have no idea where they are supposed to mount. If anyone can help as what I need for the mounts to connect the running boards to, it would be greatly appreciated. I am trying the forum first, before I submit and throw myself at the mercy of the local HD dealership. Ideally I would like to know what I need to get and hopefully find the parts used.


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Hey Zippy - Welcome aboard.

IMO, there's nothing wrong with going to the dealer. In fact, I'd say go there and ask them what you need. Then try and find it used, if that's what you want.

Good luck.
They mount on the swingarm pivot support plates. Lots of takeoff rear running boards and supports around as many replace them with pegs.

Some older police models had support plates that were not threaded for the running board supports, but they only cost a couple of bucks.

Go to the dealer and look at the parts books, and then pick the stuff up at a swapmeet.:) :)

Even easier, look at any touring bike you happen to run into and you can see how they are mounted.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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