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Rear brake pedal

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Greetings! When I got my bike, it had an aftermarket rear brake pedal on it. I got a NEW pedal with plastic bushing and new brake pad from HD. I reused the bolt, cup washer and pivot shaft. The pedal is loose side to side and sloppy on the bushing. It seems the pivot shaft is a bit too long and a bit smaller in diameter (a few thousandths is a bunch). I tried reusing the bushing that was in there, same thing. The pivot shaft was a bit rusty like it had been in for a long time, I cleaned it up with scotch pad and lite coated grease. Thought I would ask here before ordering a new pivot shaft, cup washer, bolt, and bushing from HD. Anybody seen this issue, parts updated? or changed? Thanks for any input!
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Can’t help you with the pedal problem but an introduction about yourself would be nice.
Ugh......What are you working on?
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