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Hey y'all
I am 5'11" and I still find myself reaching foward for the handlebars on my '01 deuce. Any one changed out their bars to keep their lower back planted against the back of the seat? I feel like the bars need to reach back 2 inches closer to me. I don't want it to look like I have changed out the bars, I like the shape and position of the bars, but just would like them closer to me. What is your experience? Thanks-Rob

Before you change the bar, try loosening the clamp and rotating the bar toward you. That's all I needed to do on my Dyna to get rid of that between the shoulder blades hotspot.

If you can't get the controls to the spot you need just by rotating the bars, try this. Sit on the bike, close you eyes and reach to where the bars 'should be' for you. Have a buddy (or one of those chaps-and-thong wearing biker babes ...) measure how far back and down (or up) from the stock control position your hands are. Then find a bar that fits those measurements...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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