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raking front end

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Im looking at AME kits for my 2003 xlh Thinking about 14 degree over 10 inch tubes over to give the bike abigger look and feel a new danny gray raven seat seemed to drop me down a bit Perfect. Any thoughts?
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Great look, might want to consider lengthening the swing arm while you are at it to keep a balanced look. A Sportster has you sitting on top of the wheel and on a Softail you sit on top of the tire. By making the swing arm 3 inches longer it gives you softail dimensions and a balanced custom look. Also if you switch to a chain a 180 tire will fit without having to widen the frame, just cut the struts and make your fender with internal struts. Just a thought while you got the tool box open......

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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