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First..thanks to all who responded to my radio problem....now for the latest.....took bike back to Austin HD ,,same problem (volume control not working) they checked the switch again, no problem..must be in the radio...called RSI and they said to pull the radio and they would overnite a new one (sounds good so far, huh?), so I eagerly awaited my new radio the next day...oops RSI forgot to send overnite so it took 5 days to arrive..Radio instsalled yesterday and I went to pick up my bike at noon...yea everythings working as I drive out of the dealership (you see what's coming?) got 1 mile from dealership and volume control fails to work!! Big U turn back to dealer.

After much loud shoouting from GM to service guys, they replace the switch and guess what? Everythings working fine.....so after 6 days without my bike the radio seems to working again.....

Oh, by the way, replaced my touring shocks with the stockers...much improved ride...also replaced Vance and Hines pipes with Touring Mufflers,,much quieter for trips and better low end torque..

See ya...Jack
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