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Trying to mount some speakers in a FLHT Standard. Having trouble getting the right size or something. The 5 1/4" doesn't seem to want to fit just right. Could I be missing something like a bracket or adapter. The bike is an '07 FLHT Standard without radio from factory, but does have all radio connectors,antenna cable and speaker cutouts with a speaker mesh grill of some sort to cover hole. The grill cover is held on with 3 screws and a brace and it is counterbored on the side facing rider. But only a 4" speaker seems to fit this plastic grill thing anywhere near correctly, but it's not right either and I know a 4" speaker is too small. Seems the speaker plates I see on you tube are different and wider than mine.
P.S> forgot to mention I am trying to mount Sony car speakers from Wal-mart if that makes a difference.
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