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Sounds to me like the "black box" is just an interface between your handlebar controls and the unit's steering wheel control connections.
Sounds a bit steep to me, but if they're the only ones that will do it, I guess it's better than going with the stock radio.
I'd love to find someone like your local Best Buy near where I live, to have the same thing done to my RoadGlide.
The H-D radio and speakers pretty much SUCK, in my opinion, so I don't even use them.
Also, I got the Ultra Tour Pack as an add-on, with the attached speaker boxes, and I'm pretty bummed that without sending my H-D radio in to H-D for a $200 upgrade, along with purchasing a $60 wiring harness, the rear speakers WON'T WORK!
So, I have been thinking of going the route of using an auto stereo system, which I have confidence I can wire in to the front and rear speakers myself, if I can't find someone to do it for me.
The thing I'm wondering is, what about the physical size of the auto radio, compared with the original H-D radio? Does someone make a mounting panel to make the auto radio fit perfectly in there?
Also, what about the cd players in the auto stereos?
Won't they skip quite a bit with the vibration of a bike, as compared with the ride of an auto, for which they're designed?
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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