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Hi there!

I´m sure this has been discussed at some point, but my search didn´t turn up anything useful. If you have a link feel free to post iso a reply.

I just got an awesome new paint job for my Deuce. On the way home, the clear coat on the sides of the tank, which was wrapped in plastic and put in a box, got scuffed from shaking in the box. The painter sent me some professional polish to polish out the marks, but he seemed to be surprised that the clear would mar that easily a week after having been painted. Also he didn´t really have any worhtwhile tips on care.

So here are my questions:

How long will the clear coat be that easily scuffed?

How long should I let the paint cure before mounting it to the bike?

What kind of care would you recommmend at what point?
I´ve heard that you shouldn´t wax a new paintjob for quite a while.

I would appreciate any help you guys can provide.


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Wait 90 days for the paint to cure before you apply any carnuba based wax (paint cannot breath under wax). You can use a polymer without any wait.
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